Education Apostolate

Education Apostolate

“Educational institutions in the Province are run by the Corporate Educational Agency of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS), Nirmala Bhavan, Thodupuzha. Being inspired by the motto of our Founder Renew everything in Christ, we uphold the same as our motto in the field of education and bear witness to the Eucharistic Jesus. Our vision is to transform lives through academic excellence, moral values and trust in God. Our mission is to mould an integral personality in the students making them intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed, eco-friendly and spiritually rooted through a variety of programmes. We are keen on instilling in them the belief that Eucharistic Jesus is the answer to any problem in their lives. We have Aided two Highter Secondary Schools (HSS) and High Schools (HS), one Upper Primary School (UPS), and one Lower Primary School (LPS). The following Schools come under the Corporate Educational Agency of the SABS, Nirmala Bhavan, Thodupuzha:

    1) St.Sebastian’s HS & HSS, Anicadu

    2) Vimala Matha HS & HSS Kadalikad

    3) Little Flower UPS, Koduvely

    4) St.Andrews LPS, Kadalikad


Our Corporate Educational Agency has got Minority Rights under article 30 (1) of the constitution of India, by the Minority Commission of India, New Delhi as far as concerned to the institutions already established. Besides, the above four schools, the Province has unaided English Medium Schools with State Syllabus and CBSE Syllabus, Kinder Gartens. The English Medium Schools are the following:

    1. Jai Rani EMHSS, Thodupuzha (State Syllabus)

    2. Jai Rani Public School, Thodupuzha (CBSE)

    3. Vimal Jyothi Central School, Mupliyam (CBSE)

    4. Vimala Central School, Vadachira (CBSE)

    5. Jai Rani Public School, Kaliyar (CBSE)

The C B S E schools in our Province are run by Jai Rani Education Trust, Thodupuzha. Some of our sisters are working in the Diocesan schools. In the Special School at Pannimattom, mentally challenged students are given opportunity to study. We provide girl students Hostels facilities like Nirmala Students’ Hostel, Thodupuzha for the students  in different schools of the surrounding area. All our schools and hostels are keen on giving them spiritual and moral atmosphere and training. We have also a Printing Press, named Sanjo Offset Press, Kothamangalam, which facilitate study materials and a number spiritual books to be printed and published in order to help the Evangelization works in the diocesan level.